Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is divided into floor-standing digital signage and wall-mounted digital signage. Any weather can show your information in the outdoors, outdoor information dissemination to bring good visual and auditory enjoyment. Can be widely used in outdoor advertising broadcast, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive inquiry and other fields.

Indoor Digital Signage

In comparison to outdoor advertising machines, indoor advertising machine manufacturing is more simple, and the styles are diverse. In addition to the common floor model and wall hanging model, there are suspension model, highlight window model, K-shaped horizontal inquiry machine, intelligent tea table model, intelligent fitness mirror model, etc. The body is thin and easy to move around.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photography inevitably drives the development of digital photo frames, because less than 35% of digital photos are printed worldwide. Digital photo frames are usually plugged directly into the camera's memory card to show photos, and, of course, more digital photo frames provide internal storage space to connect external memory card function. Digital frame is a frame, but it is no longer put into the photo way to show, but through a LCD screen display, it can through the card reader interface from SD card, and set the loop display way, more flexible than ordinary frame, also to now increasingly use digital photos a new display space.


Monitors are divided into industrial monitors and consumer monitors, portable monitors and cash register monitors are sales monitors, and embedded monitors are industrial monitors.

Compared with the all-in-one machine, the monitor only has the LCD module and no host. It needs to connect to the host or computer through HDMI or VGA to display the content.