What is the working principle of smart advertising EV charging pile?

2023-10-07 18:21

Intelligent advertising charging pile is a kind of charging device that combines advertising and EV charging function. It aims to provide a convenient charging service for EV users while obtaining commercial benefits through advertising.

Its working principle mainly includes two parts: hardware and software

The hardware part mainly includes the charging pile itself and the related electrical devices.

Smart advertising charging piles usually have multiple charging ports, equipped with charging cables, plugs, wiring boards, etc., support AC or DC charging mode, its electrical device includes charging controller, smart meters, relays, power supply and other components.

The charging controller is responsible for managing the current, voltage, power quantity and other parameters to ensure the safety and stability of charging.

Smart meters can measure and charge their electricity.

The relay is used to start or stop the charging process.

Power supply provides electric power to supply the charging pile.

In addition, the smart advertising charging pile is also equipped with multimedia advertising screens, voice broadcasts and indicator lights for prompt and display advertising.

In terms of software, intelligent advertising charging piles are connected to the Internet, and remote monitoring and operation management are realized through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the cloud platform.

Through APP or web pages, users can query the use of the charging pile and charging progress, but also can upload battery information and payment, etc., to achieve convenient and personalized services.

The workflow of intelligent advertising charging pile mainly includes three parts: reservation, charging and advertising.

First of all, users can order the charging pile through the mobile APP or other ways, and then go to the designated place to find the charging pile according to the prompts.

When the user connects the charging cable of the electric vehicle to the charging port, the charging controller will identify the charging battery model and battery status and other information, and automatically select the most suitable voltage and current for charging.

During the charging period, the advertising screen begins to play the corresponding ads and information push.

Once the charging is completed, the charging pile will automatically power off, and the user can take off the charging cable to drive the vehicle away.

The data and information of the charging process and advertising process will be directly transmitted to the cloud to facilitate subsequent statistics and analysis.

Compared with the traditional charging pile, the working principle of intelligent advertising charging pile is more intelligent and convenient.

It can be adjusted according to the battery type and battery status information to reduce the probability of accidents during charging.

At the same time, due to the design of the Internet and cloud platform, it can be convenient for operators to conduct real-time monitoring and statistics, which will help improve operational efficiency and user experience.

The most important thing is that, through advertising, it can also bring commercial revenue for the enterprise, and achieve a win-win situation between charging and advertising.

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