The advantages of outdoor advertising machines

2023-11-08 11:40

In recent years, outdoor advertising machine has been a very common advertising equipment, as we all know, complex outdoor environment, natural climate change, uncontrollable external factors and so on will lead to some equipment failure, the following are several unique advantages of outdoor advertising machine in the outdoor:

1, View angle and brightness

All advertisers must want to let customers in any view angle can see their own advertising, outdoor advertising machine display using the new wide perspective tube, visual Angle of 178 degrees, life time also reached more than 100000 hours, hd color, high brightness of light-emitting diode, give full play to the security under the condition of light strong environment also can achieve visual state of a distance.

2. Lightning protection

High-definition outdoor advertising machines are installed with lightning arrester, and the display screen and shell maintain good grounding performance, can be discharged in time in the face of large current caused by lightning. Avoid some damage caused by lightning, although not completely avoided, but also greatly reduce maintenance costs.

3. High-temperature resistance

The outdoor lcd advertising machine selects industrial integrated circuit chip, which can operate normally under the operating temperature of-40°C~80°C. The air conditioning or air cooling system can intelligently control the operating temperature of the equipment, so that the internal control components of the advertising machine can work in a good temperature data environment.

4. Waterproof and dustproof

The waterproof and dustproof level of outdoor advertising machine can reach IP65, which can work in the humidity of 5% -95%. The protection level of IP65 is: completely prevent the invasion of external objects and dust, and prevent from any direction from the water emitted from the nozzle into the electrical appliances and causing damage.

IP 等级.jpg

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