How to Pick the Best Digital Photo Frame

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When we use digital picture frames, we can enjoy a never-ending carousel of memories every time we walk down a hallway or enter a room. In spite of the fact that analog picture prints are still available, digital picture frames are becoming more commonplace. As a result, they offer us a much wider range of options and choices on how images are presented to us.

Features to Look for in a Digital Picture Frame

When you're out shopping for a digital photo frame, you want to remember that its sole purpose is to allow you to connect your favorite photos, images, and in some cases even videos. Starting from that school of thought, determine the feature set that best suits your needs. As technology evolves, new features are constantly being integrated into digital picture frames.


Many manufacturers have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in their frames. Having this functionality allows you to update your photos at a moment's notice via a company's companion app or directly from your smartphone. Another bonus of wireless enabled digital picture frames is that they offer secure cloud access, giving you the ability to upload and save your photos online. You can also connect your social media accounts to the frame, such as Instagram, to display your images.

Screen Size

A digital picture frame's screen is measured diagonally like a TV. Consequently, a 7" frame should fit a 4:6 print photo, if that's what you're looking for. It isn't the only size available, as frames come in many different sizes. Keep in mind that smaller frames are best suited to desks, nightstands, and end tables. On the other hand, larger frames are best hung on walls.


Now we can move on to the resolution. To keep your images crisp and clear, you'll need a higher resolution if you need a larger frame. Screens can also be matte or glossy. As matte screens do not produce glare, they generally look better, but they are also more expensive. If you plan to place your digital picture frame near a window, matte screens would be a good choice.


When it comes to ratios, there are two main types to consider: aspect and contrast. An aspect ratio refers to the height and width of a digital picture frame. Imagine it as a TV screen. The 16:9 aspect ratio has a widescreen feel, while 4:3 is full screen square.

Contrast ratio refers to the brightness of whites in an image and the darkness of blacks. The higher the ratio, the deeper and richer each will be whereas a lower number will look lighter and washed out.


For many, they may prefer uploading their images via an SD card that can be easily swapped out when desired. In general, these frames tend to be a bit cheaper because they don't have built-in Wi-Fi chipsets. What they do also feature, besides an SD card slot on the back, is a USB port if you want to upload your images to the internal storage that comes with the picture frame.

Digital Photo Frame Frequently Asked Questions

Is a digital photo frame worth it?

It depends. Do you enjoy displaying images as continual reminders of a great memory? Maybe as art or decoration in a hallway? Perhaps the extra cost of printing images and purchasing individual frames for each is too much? If any of those questions resonate with you, then a digital picture frame would certainly be a good purchase.

Do you need Wi-Fi for a digital picture frame?

Nope. There are numerous alternatives that use internal storage that can be accessed through a USB port or an SD card slot. This enables you to transfer photographs directly from your computer, DSLR, mirrorless camera, and so forth. However, if you choose a Wi-Fi version, you can transfer photos seamlessly from any device.

Final Thoughts

Digital picture frames can easily find a place in your home, office, or as a gift for almost any occasion. While the idea of a digital frame may feel off putting compared to a frame that was handcrafted and holds a printed image you can touch and feel, the technologically enhanced frames can give you opportunities to view your prized pieces of art, cherished memories, and landscape photographs at a glance and in an instant with updates whenever you choose.

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