Huidu Technology mainboard RK3288

2023-11-28 14:25

HD-3288S is an LCD display intelligent terminal motherboard, using the core RK3288 quad-core chip solution, the highest frequency of 1.8GHz, with super performance. Using Mali-T764 GPU, support AFBC (frame slow from compression), 4K / H.265 hard decoding, support 4K video playback. Standard Wi-Fi, support mobile phone point-to-point wireless information release; but also has a rich expansion interface, can be widely used in advertising machine, interactive all-in-one, security, medical, transportation, finance, industrial control and other intelligent control fields.


High performance: The RK3288 chip adopts the quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 architecture, with the main frequency of up to 1.8GHz. Has a qualitative leap in performance, can play a variety of formats HD screens, can handle complex interactive operations.

High stability: RK3288 Android integrated board, in the hardware, software, increase their own unique technology to ensure the stability of the product, can make the final product to reach 7 * 24 hours unattended.

High integration: integrated with Ethernet, EDP, Wi-Fi, power amplifier, TF expansion card, USB expansion port, IR remote control function, TP, HDMI, LVDS, backlight control, microphone and other functions.

High expansibility: has 6 USB (4 pins, 2 standards), 2 serial ports + 1 scalable debugging serial port, 1 MCU burning serial port, five IO expansion ports can expand more peripheral devices.

High definition: support a variety of LVDS / EDP / HDMI interface LCD display, support each size, each resolution cropping screen.