The characteristics and overview of floor-standing advertising display and its value in marketing

2023-12-11 14:19

As an important marketing tool, the floor-standing advertising display has been widely used in the commercial field. This paper will analyze the characteristics and overview of the floor-standing advertising display from many aspects, as well as its important value in marketing.

1. The characteristics of the floor-standing advertising display overview

Floor-standing advertising display is an advertising tool with independent display equipment, and its characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

1). Large-size HD display: The floor-standing advertising display uses a high-definition display screen, which has a large screen size, can present the details and clarity of the advertising content, and attract the visual attention of the target audience.

2). Independent display equipment: Compared with traditional billboards or banners, the floor-standing advertising display is an independent display equipment, with an independent support or base, which can be flexibly placed in different places to increase the exposure of advertising.

3). Multimedia display ability: Floor-standing advertising display can not only display static picture advertisements, but also support multimedia forms of video, animation and audio, which enriches the way of advertising and enhances the attraction and influence of advertising.

4). Remote content updates: Floor-standing advertising displays can be connected to the Internet for remote management and content updates. Advertisers can update the content of advertising at any time, targeted push, improve the timeliness of advertising.

5). Interactive experience function: Some floor-standing advertising displays also have touch screen or sensing technology, so that users can interact with ads, such as touch purchase, view product details, to improve user engagement and brand interaction.Touch the all-in-one machine


2. The value of the floor-standing advertising display in marketing

Floor-standing advertising display has important value and application potential in marketing, which is embodied in the following aspects:

1). Improve the brand image: Through the large-size high-definition display and multimedia display ability, the floor-standing advertising display can vividly display the brand image and product characteristics, and improve the image and cognition of the brand in the hearts of the target audience.

2). Strengthen the effect of advertising communication: the floor-standing advertising display can attract the attention of the audience through high-definition display, deliver advertising information more clear and intuitive, and enhance the communication effect and influence of advertising.

3). Targeted advertising: Floor-standing advertising display can be targeted according to the characteristics of the place and the target audience, so that the advertising content can be more accurately transmitted to the corresponding audience groups, and improve the exposure effect and conversion rate of advertising.

4). Data collection and analysis: Through the Internet connection and interaction function of the floor-standing advertising display, user interaction data and viewing behavior information can be collected. These data can be used for market analysis and user insight, providing advertisers with more accurate advertising strategy and decision basis.

5). Strengthen marketing creativity and interactivity: Floor-standing advertising display provide opportunities to interact with the audience, such as touch screen function and sensing technology, which can stimulate users' interest, increase the interactivity of brands and products, and create more creative marketing activities.

To sum up, the floor-standing advertising display has the characteristics of large-size HD display, independent display equipment, multimedia display ability, remote content update and interactive experience function. In the marketing, the floor-standing advertising display can enhance the brand image, strengthen the effect of advertising communication, carry out targeted advertising, realize data collection and analysis, and enhance the marketing creativity and interaction. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the change of consumer demand, the floor-standing advertising display will play a more important role in the field of marketing, and become one of the effective tools for enterprise publicity and promotion.

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