What is outdoor advertising machine?

2022-09-20 14:39

Outdoor advertising machine is divided into outdoor LCD advertising machine and outdoor LED display. Regardless of the weather, your information can be displayed outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to outdoor information dissemination. It can be widely used in outdoor advertising broadcasting, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query and other fields.



1. High-definition highlight, able to adapt to various external environments

2. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, reduce light pollution and save electricity

3. The temperature control system can adjust the internal temperature and humidity of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates in an environment of -40--+50 degrees

4. The outdoor protection level reaches IP65, waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion, and riot proof

5. Remote release and management of broadcast content can be realized based on network 3G and other technologies

6. With HDMI, VGA, AV, etc. video interface, easy to play

7. Support various multimedia file formats: MPEG-1/2/4, MP3, AVI, DAT, PPT, etc.

Outdoor LCD advertising machine classification:

According to appearance: outdoor LCD advertising machine vertical floor type, outdoor LCD advertising machine horizontal floor type, outdoor LCD advertising machine horizontal back hanging type, outdoor LCD advertising machine vertical back hanging type, outdoor LCD advertising machine splicing type

By function: stand-alone version, network version

By size: 15.6”, 21.5”, 23”, 26”, 32”, 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”, customized size

Outdoor LCD advertising machine application:

Business district CBD, telephone booths with high traffic flow, bus stops, airports, railway stations, wharfs, parks and squares, leisure places, tourist attractions, high-end communities, catering industry, government and corporate publicity, etc.



With the popularity of outdoor advertising machines, the popularization of flat panel display devices such as plasma and liquid crystal, and the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of changes. It was originally composed of a display screen and a DVD player or a PC. With the introduction of network technology, dedicated network media players have replaced the traditional pure DVD or PC playback form, with richer functions and more diverse applications. Therefore, some people juxtapose it with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, and call it the "fifth media", which has the function of releasing information to a specific group of people at a specific time, in a specific place.

It integrates the diversity and vividness of multimedia video information, realizes the remote centralized management of information release and updates the content at any time, so that the audience can receive the freshest information at the first time. The digital media information release system will become an important carrier of informatization construction. It can not only provide timely, comprehensive, high-quality and efficient information services and a new cultural atmosphere, but also greatly enhance the overall image of the environment, which is also an inevitable trend of modern architecture.

Professional "digital media" information distribution system. It has a unique distributed area management technology, which truly realizes the communication mode of different terminals in the same system to distinguish the audience. Through this system, users can easily build a centralized, networked, specialized, intelligent and differentiated multimedia information publishing system, which provides powerful professional services such as information editing, transmission, publishing and management.

According to the customer's business needs, with forward-looking, expansibility, advanced and practical as the design idea, adopt centralized control and unified management to combine various media files such as pictures, slideshows, animations, audio, video and rolling subtitles The multimedia program is then transmitted to the digital media controller through the network, and then the digital media controller performs orderly playback and control on the corresponding display device according to the control rules, and inserts various instant information such as news, pictures, and emergency notifications at any time. , to deliver the latest information to the audience in the first time. The digital media information release system is a more advanced information release system developed on the basis of the multimedia information release system.

The system adopts the solution of centralized control management and automatic broadcast, with distributed structure, open interface, human-computer interaction and good expansibility; at the same time, the system has powerful functions, friendly operation interface, easy installation and maintenance. Based on the network architecture, the digital media information release system integrates program editing, program transmission and release, business interactive query, information guidance, and centralized control and management. Real-time stock information, financial real-time data system, touch query system, queuing system, OA office system, attendance system, corporate training system, industrial control system, real-time database, etc. are perfectly combined.

Supported display devices include outdoor advertising machines, LCD screens, TVs, plasma screens, dual-color LEDs, full-color LEDs, rear projection, and touch screens.



1. Good visual impact. Using outdoor LCD advertising machines in outdoor public places has unparalleled advantages in transmitting information and expanding influence. A giant advertisement set up in a prime location in the city is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image. It's direct and simple enough to fascinate big advertisers all over the world, and it often even becomes a landmark in a city.

2. It can be released for a long time. The outdoor advertising machine runs 24 hours a day without interruption. It is a persistent and all-weather communication medium. This feature makes it easier for the audience to see it, and it can last forever according to the needs of customers. Online media also has similar advantages, but in the virtual world, the audience needs a series of prerequisites to approach, and outdoor media, because of the uniqueness of the physical space, this advantage is played more thoroughly.

3. The display content is rich, and it is easy to replace and save costs. The outdoor advertising machine can make self-made programs, broadcast in real time, and have rich content. At the same time, the broadcast content is not only limited to advertisements, but also programs including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, etc., only need to edit the program, other without any investment, saving costs.



The LCD screen of the outdoor advertising machine adopts a new generation of LED backlight technology. By modifying the original LCD screen backlight, the brightness of the LCD screen is improved, so that the advertising machine can clearly display and play videos under strong light. Outdoor LCD advertising machine advertising machine is a multimedia device that came into being in response to the needs of the outdoor advertising market, and it gradually replaces light box advertising.




How to Clean the Case:

Use a cotton cloth dipped in water to wipe, do not use any detergent, which will make the shell lose its unique luster when it leaves the factory.

Why are there interference mottles on the screen when the LCD is switched on and off?

This situation is caused by the signal interference of the display card, which is a normal phenomenon. This problem can be solved by adjusting the phase automatically or manually.

How to clean an LCD screen:

When cleaning the LCD screen, try not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture, so as to avoid moisture entering the screen and causing faults such as short circuit inside the LCD. It is recommended to use soft objects such as glasses cloth and lens paper to wipe the LCD screen, so as to prevent moisture from entering the LCD and not scratch the screen.


Before cleaning the screen of this machine, please unplug the power cord to ensure that the advertising machine is powered off, and then use a clean and soft cloth without threads to gently dust off the dust, and do not use spray directly on the screen;

Do not expose the product to rain or sunlight, so as not to affect the normal use of the product;

Please do not block the ventilation holes and sound holes on the advertising machine shell, and do not place the advertising machine near radiators, heat sources or any other equipment that may affect normal ventilation;

Do not disassemble or repair the advertising player by yourself to avoid high-voltage electric shock or other dangers. If you need to repair, you should ask professional maintenance personnel to complete all maintenance work;

Since most of the advertising machines are used in public places, the voltage is unstable, which may cause damage to the advertising machine equipment. It is recommended to use stable mains power, and must not use the same power supply with high-power equipment such as elevators. For example, in places where the voltage is often unstable, such as subway stations, please be sure to use the corresponding voltage stabilizing equipment to stabilize the voltage, otherwise it will easily cause the advertising machine to work erratically, and even burn out the advertising machine;

When inserting the card, if it cannot be inserted, please do not insert it hard, so as not to damage the card pins. At this point, check whether the card is inserted backwards. In addition, please do not insert or remove the card in the power-on state, it should be done after the power-off.


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